Blue Night Media

Letters Magazine, Issue 0802

The second issue from 2008 of this X-rated classic.  Included as always are seven sex-filled letter sections covering a variety of erotic topics.  This issue includes Group Sex, where the more is the merrier (and the hornier.)  Mouths are working but little time is wasted on talk in the Oral Sex section.  Meanwhile, some lucky fellows make the company of some hungry ladies in Nymphos, while others find that nothing turns them on as much Paying For It.  Finally, get a fistful or three of some luscious flesh in the Plump Pleasures chapter. As always, also included are two chapters of mixed-topic letters in Variations, plus four pages of cartoons.     

Customers receive both a printable PDF and ePub files that work on all tablets and phones (excluding Kindle).  The electronic edition is not yet available, but plenty of print copies are here for your reading pleasure.